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The Legendary Sausage-Dragon

The Legendary Sausage-Dragon, according to the legend, would be at the origin of the Sausage Island.

Fleeing the icy lands and looking for a quiet and warm place, after 1000 years of wandering, the Sausage-Dragon finally found a pretty small volcano in the Nowhere ocean and decided to live there.

Digging deeper and deeper, spitting everything around, emptying the pockets of their magma, blowing the rocks not hot enough, day after day, year after year, century after century, the Legendary Sausage-Dragon built his cozy room in the bowels of the volcano today named *The Mount BBQ*. And at the same time the Sausage Island was born.

This painting was made from description of *Buliotto Lidenbrock*, a crazy scientist claiming to have reached the center of the earth by venturing into the depths of *Mount BBQ* (🤪)